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Relative Size of Solar System, Fractions, Ratios, Percentages, and the Sun

As a child, I would marvel at the pictures of the 9 planets and the sun and dream of becoming an astronaut.dThe astronaut thing didn’t work out but the love of astronomy never went away. When I was in 5th grade, Mr. Cunningham gave me a revelation: all of the pictures of the solar system were completely inaccurate regarding relative size and distance.

Powers of Ten: From 10^0 to 10^24 (Astronomy) back to 10^-16 (Microscopy)

After introducing the children to exponents with the Target Number and 24 Game over the last three weeks, we entered into the most exciting powers in math: Powers of Ten.

Four Identical Digits to Target of 0-10; Almost Any Integer Has a 3 In It

How would you arrange all four of the same digits (such as 1 1 1 1 or 2 2 2 2 or 3 3 3 3 ... 9 9 9 9) so they will equal the numbers 0-10? 

24 Game Strategies, Possible and Impossible Cards, Factoring, Factorials, and Fractions

The 24 Game is an arithmetical card game in which the objective is to find a way to manipulate four 

Target Number and Properties of Zero, One and Exponents

My favorite math game by far is Target Number. I have modified the rules to make it more interesting and challenging.