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Preparation and Actual International Contest

Each child followed my best practices by completing all or most of the 20 questions in the practice test, self-graded and identified the few questions that they still wanted to master. We spent the first part of class reviewing these problems and my best practices approach. 

Mathematics Challenge International Contest Preparation

We are working on strategies to solve challenging logic word-problems leading up to the Noetic Learning Math Contest (NLMC). The NLMC  is a semiannual problem solving contest for elementary and middle school students including tens of thousands of children worldwide.

Snake Game -- Binary Operations +-x/^ and square roots

This game is challenging at every level from K-5th grade. The first square must be given and every other square after that is a binary operation (+-x/) (plus, minus, times, and division) and ^ (exponent and square root. Also, the last square is given.

One Grain of Rice (K and 1st Grade) Doubling with the first 30 powers of 2 -- Exponential Growth

Many years ago, there lived a selfish raja in India. He ruled that all the people should give him almost all of their rice for safekeeping so that in a time of need there would be rice to eat.

The Story of Montarek (2-5th Grade) — Doubling, Tripling, Quadrupeling and Adding Five (Exponential Growth vs. Linear)

After a week focusing on exponential growth in the population of the world and most of its countries, I shared an ancient legend with the chlldren about The Story of Montarek, which better emphasizes the power of exponential growth. In the Montarek saga, a peasant girl saves the King’s daughter and is offered a reward.