About Us: David Kramer


Founding Mathlete Nation – Mathlete Nation was started in 2003 by a group of Dover, Massachusetts parents who wanted their children, to not only do better in school, but also learn to love math.  They approached David Kramer with a proposal to teach groups of second graders once per week after-school. Through word of mouth only, this experiment turned into a life’s mission by Mr. Kramer who now teaches over 150 children after school from K to 11th grade.

Most of Mr. Kramer's work today is individual tutoring from elementary, middle, and high school math with a focus on preparing students for ISEE and SSAT at all levels to SAT and ACT, as well as math competitions.

Whether your child is not challenged in school, struggling because they do not like the subject, or just love the sport of recreational mathematics, their parents look to Mathlete Nation as an alternative to math programs which are worksheet intensive and lack imagination and creativity. Mathletes actually solve problems:

For example, what is the largest number less than 5? (dealing with the concept of infinity); why are manhole covers round? (dealing with Reuleaux Triangles); why do pyramids seem to be the strongest structure? (which is stronger, a rectangular or triangular pyramid?); how can you use right isosceles triangles to measure the height of any object to within a few feet? (building and using clinometers); what are the relative distance and sizes of the planets? (the results are startling); how can artists use dilation transformations to create murals? (using grids and dilations); can you use a Cartesian plane to chart longitude and latitude? (GPS technology is two dimensional).

As we explored these and countless other challenges, the Mathletes use standard algorithms to solve these problems and develop their own methods as if they had been the first to discover. Most children are concrete thinkers and traditional curriculum uses concrete methods of teaching math. So children learn how to solve a specific type of problem; then a slight variation in the challenge creates a hurdle that children find difficult to overcome. Mathlete Nation teaches abstract concepts to concrete thinkers so they can solve any problem by applying these strategies. 

The goal of Mathletes is to help children to see the world mathematically, expose children to the joy of the search and achieving something difficult.  We believe that math is discovered, not invented; this makes the hunt even more enjoyable. If you believe, as we do, that hard work is a much stronger indicator of success than IQ, then every child can become a mathematician.

Under the pictures on the Home page, you can peruse over 9 years of weekly lesson summaries. These summaries do not represent the electric energy in the classroom. The students feed off of each other in a very positive way.

WE WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU WOULD FORWARD THIS LINK TO YOUR FRIENDS AND NEIGHBORHOOD EMAIL LISTS AS OUR MARKETING IS WORD OF MOUTH ONLY. This is why tuition has not changed since 2010. Most children attend all four sessions during the school year. 

Experience – From 2003-the present, Mr. Kramer has done individual tutoring and group classes. From 2011-2018, he was the Math Specialist for grades 2 through 8 at The Sage School in Foxboro, Massachusetts, a leader in the field of gifted education. From 2003 to 2011, Mr. Kramer taught Geometry and Algebra I and II at Medfield High School.

In his spare time, Mr. Kramer teaches negotiation strategy to company executives and continues to practice law for select clients.

Mr. Kramer was an adjunct Professor of Law and Ethics at Babson College teaching MBAs business law and the philosophy of ethics.

Formerly, Mr. Kramer was Senior Vice President and General Counsel of Stop & Shop and its Dutch parent, Ahold USA. He practiced corporate law for 17 years.

Education -- Mr. Kramer graduated from Georgetown University (B.S. 1984, Cum Laude) and Boston College Law School (J.D. 1987, Cum Laude).

Location – All individual tutoring and group sessions are held on a Zoom platform.