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Fraction Capture with Cube Dice

After exploring dividing a circle into equal sectors and shading in all equivalent fractions, we are now playing the ultimate fraction game: Fraction Capture.


Golden Angle, Factoring 360, Proper Fraction Shading

Continuing our exploration of the Golden Ratio of 1.618….., the children learned how to use a protractor to measure an obtuse angle of 137.5 degrees. We then discussed the difference between an obtuse angle (between 90 and 180 degrees), an acute angle (between 0 and 90 degrees) and a right angle (90 degrees).

Cognitive Reflection Test -- Math Competition

Daniel Kahneman, as a psychologist, who won an economics Nobel Prize. In Thinking, Fast and Slow, Kahneman wrestles with flawed ideas about decision making.

Vitruvian Man: da Vinci's study of body proportions

Leonardo da Vinci said, “Man is the model of the world.” The Vitruvian Man by da Vinci is a study of the proportions present in the human body. The Golden Ratio or Divine Proportion is ubiquitous throughout the Vitruvian Man.

Golden Ratio from Fibonacci Sequence and Random Numbers; also SuperNacci Numbers

The Golden Ratio (also known as the Golden Mean  and the Divine Ratio), in my opinion is more significant that the otherwise known Most Important Number — Pi.