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Prime Factorization and Number of Factors Algorithm (3rd through 7th grade)

The logical extension to finding all of the factors of a number using the double/half method is to dissect numbers into their prime factorization. Every whole number greater than one can be factored into prime numbers multiplied by other prime numbers. For example, 12 = 2x2x3 or we say 2^2 x 3.

Triangle Area = Half of Corresponding Rectangle (Prime and Composite Areas) (K-2nd Grade)(Tuesday-Friday only; not Monday classes)

Last week we explored the area of rectangles by looking at the multiplication of dimensions. It is only logical to extend this lesson to looking at the area of each rectangles corresponding triangle as exactly one half.

Factoring: Rectangles and Double-Half Method

Factor Pairs: Double-Half Method (Grades 3-6)


Look and Say Sequence Game: Code Theory

In mathematics, the look-and-say sequence is the sequence of integers

Scrabble Algebraic Method, Ascending and Most Frequent Value

Last week, I introduced how mathematicians use algebraic symbols to represent numbers. We used the ascending value method where A=1, B=2, C=3 …. Z=26. One way to connect language and math is to have children convert words to numbers using several different letter valuation methods. The children were asked to add the value of each letter.