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Logic-Based Problem Solving Math Competition (first week of prep)

This week, I introduced the children to the Noetic Learning Math Competition (NLMC) which is taken by over 25,000 student from 602 schools nationwide. The NLMC will test them in binary operations, geometry, algebra, probability and logical thinking.

Cubic and Square Numbers and Multiples of 9 — Four in a Row Game and Sum of Cubes = Triangular Squares

After studying square and cubic numbers, to bring it all together, I created a game that combines these two sequences of numbers and introduces a third sequence of numbers: multiples of 9.

Cubes, Jackson Origami — First 12 Cubic Numbers — Midpoints

After spending weeks exploring the wonders of squares and square numbers, the natural extension from two dimensional figures is the study of cubes. 

Estimating Square Roots—Kramer Method

When I was in fifth grade I was fascinated with square roots. The square root of perfect squares are easy if you know your squares such as 1x1=1, 2x2=4, 3x3=9 and so on. Since the square of 3 is 9, the square root of 9 is 3. They are opposites: square roots are the opposite of squares; addition is the opposite of subtraction; multiplication is the opposite of division.

Square + its Root + Next Root = Next Square; Product of 4 Consecutive Integers + 1 = Square

Square + its Root + Next Root = Next Square