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Longevity — Life Expectancy — Scientists and Mathematicians — Subtraction Standard Algorithm and Addition Method

After reading 15 math challenge poems from the world’s greatest poets, the children were interested in their biographies.

Poetry Math Challenges and Problem Solving

I was surprised to learn this week how many of your children love poetry. A generous Mathlete parent gave me a book of math poems and I learned that many of my favorite authors also love math. The attached pdf has 15 short biographies of major poets including Poe, Lear, Dickinson, Lewis Carroll, Whitman, Frost, Milne, Nash, Williams, Ciardi, Hughes, and Silverstein.

INTERNET ACTIVITY EVERY MINUTE: Multiples, x60, x24, x7, x52

Every minute of every day:


Bits to Bytes: Data Storage Conversion

After the power of Google, the second most valuable company on the planet, and the origin of its name through the number googol, a 1 followed by 100 zeros, the next logical exploration was the size of data.

Google by the Numbers and Googol

This lesson was all about the large number of Google. We started with looking at the valuation of the two largest companies in the world, Apple ($667.5 billion) and Google ($486.4 billion). We then discussed the concept of sales, expenses, and profits of Google ($13 billion in profits on $66 billion in sales).