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The Chicken From Minsk: Extra Circumference from Additional Diameter

The scientists at Los Alamos, New Mexico working on The Manhatan Project which created the weapon that would end World War II, had a lot of time on their hands in the evenings. They chose to spend their time creating math puzzles. My favorite on is The Chicken From Minsk. Here is a summary:

ARE GLASSES TALLER THAN ROUND?: Diameter, Circumference, and Height of Cylinder

I hope you all are enjoying having your children find every cylinder in your home to see which is greater: circumference or height (is it taller than it is round?). They should record the results on pages 6-8 of the pdf.


Blood Red SuperMoon Lunar Eclipse: September 27, 2015

The full Moon of September 27/28 is a Supermoon – the Moon will be closest to the Earth.

Digital Roots for Top 10 Sports Salaries (K and 1st Grade)

The digital root of a number is the number obtained by adding all the digits of that number. If that sum is a two digit number, then add the digits of that number, and continue until a single-digit number is reached.

Average or Arithmetic Mean--Top 10 Salaries in Sports and Boston Teams

Average or arithmetic mean is the central tendency of a set of data. An average is the sum of a list of numbers divided by the number of numbers in the list.