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Target Number (use all binary operations to = target card)

Preparation:  Take a deck of cards and separate out all of the face cards (eliminate Jacks, Queens, and Kings);You should have 40 remaining cards from Ace to 10 in four suits. Ace counts as one.

Mean Median Mode Range Predict Patriots' Super Bowl Score

Last week we looked at the 26 records either broken or tied during the Patriots win in Super Bowl LI. Could the Patriots win and score have been predicted by the last ten Super Bowl scores using measures of central tendency?

Super Bowl LI Patriots Records Differences and Percent Increase

Mathematical Odds of Atlanta Winning and their Mathematical Blunders:


Pick's Theorem Method for finding the Area of a Polygon on a dot grid

It is relatively simple to calculate the area of a rectangle. A three by three square will have an area of 9 square units calculated by multiplying 3x3. A four by five rectangle has an area of twenty square units calculated by multiplying 4x5. A 4x5 triangle has an area of 10 square units calculated by multiplying 4x5 and dividing that rectangle by 2.

Coordinate Plane Polygons

Polygon: a 2 dimensional plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles where none of the sides cross and the figure is closed.