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Sum of Consecutive Integers (March 7-10)


Which natural numbers can be written as the sum of two or more positive consecutive integers?  This exercise has challenged mathematicians for centuries and clear patterns have formed.  However, only recently, in 1997, did was a proof developed for why powers of two such as 1,2,4,8,16,32...... could never be a sum of consecutive integers.

Paper Tower (February 28th to March 3rd)



Tallest Buildings in the World (February 14-17)

We continued our exploration of relative size and scale by looking at the tallest buildings in the world.  The children studied my models of the former Twin Towers which have a scale of 1:373.  The actual buildings were once a quarter of a mile high.  

Before, the Twin Towers, the Empire State Building was the tallest for 40 years from 1930. Last year, the Burj Khalifa was completed in Dubai at 2,716 feet, more than a half a mile high. 

Relative Size of Planets (February 7-10)

As a child, looking at Solar System picture books was a fascination, but I never realized how grossly inaccurate those pictures were in terms of relative size and distance of planets.

Fraction Shading (January 31 through February 4)

What is a fraction? A fraction is a way of representing division of a whole into parts.  It has the form of numerator over denominator N/D, where the numerator is the number of parts chosen and the denominator is the total number of equal parts.