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MCAS Best Practices (April 13 thru May 3)

We spent the last two weeks reviewing Best Practices for the math MCAS in preparation for the upcoming exams to be given the second week in May. 

We even had the first and second graders work on the 3rd Grade test as appropriate for them.  They definitely rose to the occasion.

The first week of this unit, we had the children take the 3rd, 4th or 5th grade MCAS test given Spring 2009.  If they completed it in class or brought it to the following class, I graded it and had them correct all incorrect responses.

Target Number (4-6 thru 4-12)

Preparation: Take a deck of cards and separate out all of the face cards (eliminate

Jacks, Queens, and Kings);You should have 40 remaining cards from Ace to 10 in

four suits.


1. draw 5 cards face up.

Game 24 (3-30 thru 4-5)

This is a fascinating game in which players pick a card with four numbers.  Players have to rearrange the numbers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, or division to result in 24.  There are usually multiple ways to solve each set of numbers.

On an attached file, I listed all of the number combinations in Levels 1, 2, and 3 in the actual game.

Also, I have attached a file on which players can write their numbers and rearrange them.

Knight Lines (3-23 thru 3-29)

Knight Lines is a game based on a 1962 board game called Twixt (now out of print).

Knight Lines is played on a square grid, using two colored markers, as shown.  Player 1 has to connect the red sides of the gameboard, while player 2 has to connect the blue sides. All moves are knight's moves from one corner (vertex) to another. The routes are not permitted to cross.


Knight's Tours (3-23 thru 3-29)