Tallest Buildings in the World--Now, Design Your Own Mile High+ Tower

Last week, we used mathematics and engineering techniques to build the tallest tower out of index cards. The results were stagering: over 90% of Mathletes participated and built towers up to 103" in height.


Now it is time to sketch a drawing to scale of your tower of the future. First I showed the children a rendering of the Sky High Tower planned for Tokyo harbor. Using graphing techniques, they sketched the eight tallest buildings in the world. I gave them a link to a website




If you go to this website, you can learn dozens of facts, including location, a map of the city in which it stands, technical data such as height, number of floors, year construction started and finished, elevators, escalators, parking spaces, and cost to build of the tallest 200 buildings in the world.


Using a scale of up to 6500 feet tall, the children should sketch their own building of the future. I am sure a future architect lurks in our midst.

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