Logic-Based Problem Solving Math Competition Spring 2016

Game day is here. The Spring 2016 Math Competition was handed to your children during class this week. I asked them not to open the test until they can commit to spending 45 uninterrupted minutes. They should be sequestered in a quiet room with only a few pencils and good light. Siblings should be asked to be in a separate part of the house and not above the room in which the Mathlete is taking the test. 


Parents should print the answer key and grade their child’s test by putting a check next to correct answers and Xs next to wrong or omitted questions. Also, please put their score on the front in the form of # OF CORRECT ANSWERS/20 and remind them to put it back in their Mathlete Folder. I will collect the tests at class this week and create a database of wrong answers in order to develop lesson plans going forward.


The first grade classes will take the 2nd grade test. The sixth graders will take a 40 question test. I have also added a pdf with worked out solutions to the 3rd grade test.


If your child is too busy or cannot take the test this week, no pressure (although I would love to see them carve out some time). They can always take the test the following week.


If your child is ambitious and wants to take other grade level tests (higher or lower), give it a try. They will be rewarded with additional Mathlete dollars and with the satisfaction of challenging themselves. Good luck. 

NLMC_2nd_Spring_2016.pdf636.25 KB
NLMC_2nd_Spring_2016_answers.pdf84.57 KB
NLMC_3rd_Spring_2016.pdf610 KB
NLMC_3rd_Spring_2016_answers.pdf80.31 KB
NLMC_4th_Spring_2016.pdf571.69 KB
NLMC_4th_Spring_2016_answers.pdf82.33 KB
NLMC_5th_Grade_Spring_2016.pdf606.77 KB
NLMC_5th_Spring_2016_answers.pdf81.34 KB
NLMC_6th_Spring_2016.pdf330.11 KB
NLMC_6th_Spring_2016_answers.pdf454.02 KB
NLMC_3rd_Spring_2016_Answers_Worked_out.pdf1.06 MB