Logic-Based and Strategic Problem Solving -- Week 3 Prep [no K]

Once again, almost every student completed the full-length practice test. Many of them came to class with questions that they could not understand even after reading the explanation. This is the most important step in the improvement process. Many of them showed a marked improvement on their scores and approaches to problem solving.


This week they came prepared with the questions they got wrong or took them too much time. We went over many of these questions and then did several new type questions .


Many of the children are so programed to speak of their scores out loud. Once again, I stressed how important it was that they not discuss their scores openly but only focus on what they got wrong or struggled on so they could improve. However, I also stressed that they should compare their own scores from week to week to look for self-improvement. This requires a high level of maturity but I am trying to import this philosophy in other contexts as well (for example,  adults do not discuss their salaries at work or the size of their bank accounts at parties [except Donald Trump]).


I gave them a third 20-questions practice test at their grade level or one above. I will plan on one more week of preparation and then they will take the actual test the second - third week in April. I plan on grading these myself to see where they have individual learning goals. Please have them:


take the test in pencil

parent help in pen and 

self-grade in pen



The third piece is the most important. I need to know which questions they struggled on so I can build lesson plans based on their knowledge gaps. All tests are attached below. Since I did not have any more 2nd grade practice tests, I made up my own based on the old tests they took.

NLMC_like_Grade_K-2_Week_3.pdf522.75 KB
NLMC_Grade_3_fall_2014_Week_3.pdf731.42 KB
NLMC_Grade_4_Spring_2013_Week_3.pdf876.25 KB
NLMC_Grade_5_Fall_2014_Week_3.pdf796.85 KB
NEML_Grade_6_96-97_Week_3.pdf654.61 KB