Subtraction Really is Addition (3-9 thru 3-15) 1st and 2nd Graders

In the 1st and 2nd grade classes this week, we reinforced the notion that subtraction really is addition. For example, 12-8=4 is the opposite as 8+4=12; 101-98 is really the same as 2+1=3.  What do we have to add to 98 to get to 101.  Also, 85-48 is 2+30+5=37.

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Also, we worked on subtraction as compared to negative numbers. For example 11-7=4 is the same as -7 + 11 = 4. 

There is a detailed explanation of these concepts in the attached pdf as well as additional practice.

Some of the Mathletes who finished their worksheet were given an advance addition and subtraction worksheet with integers and decimals.  This is intended to be completed with parental guidance.

Subraction_Really_is_Addition.pdf310.26 KB