Pop Quiz Clock (1/11/10 - 1/14/10)


For the holidays, I received the Pop Quiz Wall Clock from one of my Mathletes.  It gave me an idea for a lesson where we create a theme for our clock and create the equations or symbols that represent the numbers 1-12.  The number one is 102,413 - 102,412; 2 is the square root of 4; 3 is 198 divided by 66; and so on.



We had each Mathlete create clocks that used themes including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, and any combination, shapes (hexagon for 6), Roman Numerals, fractions, degree measurement (30 for 1, 60 for 2), binary numbers (1100 for 12), square roots, cube roots, digital roots (problematic after 9), Mayan numbers, algebra with letters, prime numbers, 12 days of Christmas (turtle doves for 2, geese laying for 6, etc.), Zodiac signs, months, Apostles, dominoes, two dice, bar code, score after x number of touchdowns (7, 14, etc.), number of letters in a word (Mathlete for 8). Two Mathletes even did a clock with Chinese numbers.



Use the attached pdf template to create multiple clocks and list your theme.


Clock_Pop_Quiz.pdf408.71 KB