Multiplication (12/15 thru 12/21)

We explored multiplication tables with grades 2-5 beyond the standard 10x10 table.  These included powers of two, unit fractions, prime numbers, even numbers, and standard tables up to 30x30. Mathletes should work at their own pace with as many of the tables with which they are comfortable. The answers are provided after each blank table.  Do not print out the entire file as it is 19 pages.

The goal is to find patterns that make it easier to fill in the tables as well as to develop strategies to make this process more efficient.  For example, when multiplying any number by 8 or another power of two, just double the number three times (double 4 times for 16, 5 times for 32 and so on).

First graders are learning these concepts for the first time.   They should explore multiplication with rectangles (see the attached pdf; also, do not print the entire document unless they will use it).  For example, when multiplying 3 times 7, the student should picture a rectangle of 3 by 7 units.  Counting by fives is the easiest and then add, or count by 10s and then subtract.

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