Knight's Tours (3-23 thru 3-29)


Knight's Tours is an ancient game almost as old as chess (6th century AD in India or Persia, now Iran).  It is a sequence of moves done by a knight on a chess board and following the rules of chess, must visit each square exactly once. There are several billion solutions to the problem, of which about 122 million have the knight finishing on a square which is just a move away from the starting square (this is called a "Closed Knight's Tour").

So, how does a knight move on a chessboard? The knight is the most unique chess piece you have! Not only does it usually resemble a horse, it is the only chess piece that can jump over another chess piece or pieces according to chess rules. The knight's move is rather different. Think of the move as "L" shaped - two squares either forward, backward, left, or right and then left or right one square.

Place numbers from 1 to 64 on a chess board moving as a knight would without repeating a square.


If you cannot view this picture, open the attached file named Knight's Tour with numbers.

After you accomplish your Knight's Tour, you will enjoy connecting the center of each square to reveal a beautiful geometric pattern.


If you cannot view this picture, open the attached file named Knight's Tour Closed with Geometric Sequence.

You should make multiple copies of the attached excel spreadsheet as you will want to accomplish many Knight’s Tours over the coming months.



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