Isometric Drawings:3 Drawings (9-27-10 through 9-30-10)

Some Mathletes created one cube and some dozens, some small and some huge (one was 64 times the volume of the standard size).

The children created buildings with their cubes with dimensions no more than 4x4x4 and then learned how architects use Front, Top, and Side views to communicate their creations to the builders.  The attached power point will take you through these exercises.  Also, starting on page 11 of the powerpoint, we gave them three view drawings and they had to create the buildings as if they were the builder reading architectural drawings.

I gave each of the Mathletes two types of isometric paper so they could try to make three dimensional drawings of their own creation.  Please bring them in next week.

cube-n-ometry1.ppt533 KB