Factoring Game (May 11 thru May 17)

This is a game similar to chess as there is no chance.  You always have to calculate the best move.  It teaches you strategy, factoring, subtraction, and at the end, long addition (also, the sum of  an arithmetic sequence -- can you figure out why?)




· for two people or for two teams.

· make a grid of consecutive numbers 1-36 (6x6) (or larger, but not too large).

· one team will be circles and the other underlines.

· the object of the game is to get the most points.

· the strategy is to leave your opponent with few points and few options.

· for each number you choose you get that many points, so choosing 29 gets you 29 points.

· at the end you ad up all of the points you got in the game.

· do rocks, paper, scissors to see who goes first.

· circle begins -- this team circles a number (say 31); she then writes down 31 points in her column (and 31 is then used up and out of play).

· underline is next and has to underline all of the factors of 31 (in this case, only 1 is a factor); he then writes down 1 point.

· underline then gets to pick his number; say 29.  He writes down 29 (under the 1 he already has) for a now total of 30 points. remember to write down the numbers vertically so the numbers can be easily added at the end.

· circle goes and is left with no factors (1 is already used), so she can only begin again. She picks another number (say 25). She gets no points for factors of 29 because they it is taken, but she gets 25 points for her own selection of 25.

· now underline has to underline the factors of 25 that are left (5) and then chooses a new number.

· this continues until all of the numbers are used.

· be careful not to always use up all of the primes first as they might not be your best move.  You need to constantly calculate the best move by imagining your number and then subtracting all of the factors they could get; also, if you pick (say 17) early on, the other team may be able to pick 34 and get all of the points since there are no factors left.

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