After creating Sonobe Cubes last week, many of the children started to create dice out of their cubes. 


Building on their work, I created games using nine 6-Sided Dice in Dice to create a 3x3 square. Before you and a partner toss the 9 dice, decide who gets the outer dice and who gets the inner dice. Then you record the outer dice (if that was your decision), and record the inner dice for your partner, in a 3x3 grid. Then, add horizontally across and vertically down to fill the six boxes to the right and below the 3x3 numbers. Then, add the three boxes horizontally and the three boxes vertically. They should add up to the same number. That sum also equals the sum of all 9 numbers recorded. The highest score wins.


The more advanced version has the same process but uses the inner/outer dice to create a two digit number or outer/inner. You and your partner decide and record all 9 2-digit numbers. 


My strong recommendation is that the children use vertical addition with carrying to add any three two-digit numbers. Start by adding the units digits (or ones column), record the units (ones) digit under the units place value and carry the tens digit above the tens place value. Then add the tens digits to record the final answer. See the pdf for an example.


For the older children, multiply the three numbers across or down to find the “product”, then add all six products together to get your score. If you multiply the three products on the vertical, you will get the same super-product as if you multiply the three products on the horizontal, which will be equal to the product of all nine digits. I recommend only using one digit numbers. Two-digit numbers can get very large, very fast.


You can play by yourself by simply rolling multiple dice and recording 9 numbers or just choose 9 random numbers.


I also, made a grid of 4x4 to make the game more challenging.


Enjoy the Dice Squares Addition and Multiplication Games.




Dice_Game_Addition_and_Multiplication.pdf1.1 MB