Coordinate Plane Pictures (2-2 thru 2-8)

This week the Mathletes explored the Cartesian coordinate system in all four coordinates.  Using the x-axis (horizontal) and y-axis (vertical), we can find any unique point in a plane by a pair of numerical coordinates such as (2, 3) which means start on the number 2 on the x-axis and go up three units.Coordinates such as (-3, -6) represents a location at three units to the left of the origin (0,0) and then 6 units down.  This coordinate system was created by Rene Descartes in the early 1600s and further developed by another French mathematician, Pierre de Fermat.

Each student received over 30 sets of these coordinate points, which when connected in sequential order creates beautiful pictures such as Batman, Bugs Bunny, Charlie Brown, Elmo, Mickey Mouse, Snoopy, Superman, Tigger, Woodstock, and many more.  This work takes a lot of concentration and it is useful to use a pencil.  In class, I gave them two Coordinate Plane templates oriented horizontally and vertically.  The picture's specific instructions tell them whether to use horizontal or vertical graph paper.  The table of contents is organized by level.  They should start with level one until they are comfortable at which time they can move on to more challenging levels. The more difficult drawings have multiple shapes.  They do not connect shapes although many shapes are connected by design to others.

Attached is a pdf file that will give them more practice with two easier (positive quadrant only) pictures of a Diplodocus dinosaur as well as the word MATHLETES.  Also, I have attached a few word documents with templates for both horizontal and vertical graphs.  This lesson is intended to extend into the February break and beyond.  I would love for them to bring whatever they have created to class next week.

If they lose the coordinates, the web site where these were created is at


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