Bizz Buzz Prime (Multiples of 3, 7, and primes)

I played  a game a few years ago with the children that was a challenging exercise in multiples of 3 and 7. Bizz was spoken when we got to a multiple of 3, Buzz was spoken when we got to a multiple of 7 and Bang was spoken when we got to a number that was a multiple of both 3 and 7. 


Since we have been mastering prime numbers, I created a challenging variation on this game called Bizz Buzz Prime. Same rules as above except if you had a multiple of 3 and 7 (21, 42, 63, 84 ….) you would say Bizz Buzz. The major variation was that you were required to say Prime when you got to a prime number. This is best played with 2 or more people (I have played with over 50 students in a circle and it is exciting to watch). The first person starts with 1 and then going clockwise around the circle the next person says Prime (instead of 2), the next person says Bizz Prime (instead of 3) and then next says 4, the next prime (Prime instead of 5) and so on. The hardest part of the game is that students forget their number because numbers are spoken so infrequently. This is a game of intense concentration so if someone makes a disruptive noise, the leader has to stop to give the actual number to the person whose turn it is. You can play the game with elimination or no elimination. Elimination can get fun when it is down to just a few people. 


I gave the students one free pass before I would eliminate them. The games go fast because it is so challenging. I gave them an answer key to practice with and then a blank up to 138 and a list of primes. Some of them would fill out all of the Bizz’s first and then the Buzz’s and then the Primes; whatever is left is just the number. 


They should finish the sheets and practice their primes as well. Have fun as a family.

BIZZ_BUZZ_PRIME_1-140_blank_and_answers.pdf43.79 KB