Math Logic Contest (Noetic Challenge Spring 2018)


  1. The Noetic Learning Mathematics Contest has close to 40,000 participants around the globe. 


  1. You will take a practice with the Fall 2017 contest during class. During the week, you will get to attempt the Spring 2018 contest.


  1. During class, take the contest in pencil, and after every five questions, look up the answers and put a check or an “x” next to the question. Try to work out “why” you got those questions wrong with a partner. Then move on to the next five questions.


  1. During the week, finish the Fall 2017 practice contest and take the Spring 2018 contest in a quiet place in your house.


  1. Take the Spring 2018 challenge all the way through from question 1-20. Use pencil and work out your solutions right on the contest sheets. Underline the important words and draw pictures to help you make the questions come alive. The actual challenge is intended to take 45 minutes for 20 questions; no calculator. This is an average of 2 1/4 minutes (135 seconds) per question. However, you may take as much time as you want because this is all about fun! If you are finished prior to 45 minutes, use the remaining time to check your answers until time runs out. YOUR PARENTS CAN HELP. IF YOU GET HELP USE A COLORED MARKER.


  1. Get a colored pen and check your answers against the answer key attached to your challenge. If you got the answer correct, put a check next to it. If you got it wrong, circle it AND WITH A PARTNER, TRY TO FIGURE OUT WHY YOU GOT IT WRONG. PLEASE DO NOT ERRASE YOUR WORK OR INCORRECT ANSWERS (THIS IS SOME OF THE MOST VALUABLE INFORMATION).


  1. Write the number of the question(s) you got wrong on the front (for example “3, 7, 15, 18”) and bring it to the next class.



  1. Have fun !!!!
The extra practice questions we did in class are posted as well. Please note that the K-1 classes took the 2nd grade challenge, the 2nd-3rd grade classes took the 3rd grade challenge, the 3rd-4th grade classes took the 4th grade challenge and the 4th-5th grade classes took the 5th grade challenge.
Noetic_2nd_Fall_2017_Spring_2018.pdf2.25 MB
Noetic_3rd_Fall_2017_Spring_2018.pdf2.3 MB
Noetic_4th_Fall_2017_Spring_2018.pdf2.39 MB
Noetic_5th_Fall_2017_Spring_2018.pdf2.34 MB
Noetic_Sample_Questions_2nd.pdf721.63 KB
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